My first year as a blogger

It’s  January 2016. My first year as a blogger is over and what an amazing ‘journey’ it’s been so far.

I started Mummy Market to help parents save a few pennies when buying the baby essentials but it’s also helped me with my baby blues and confidence.

I waited a long time for Jack and he is the greatest joy in my life and to sound a bit slushy, I never knew my heart could overflow with love in quite the way it did when he was born. Being a Mum was all I ever wanted but after a few months I knew I needed something else to put my mind to as well as looking after Jack. When I recognised this, the guilt I felt was overwhelming but I knew it would do me good. And it has been.

Nappies and wipes are both expensive items and I used to spend time trying to find the cheapest deals. I thought I could do all the leg work and publish the best prices to save you time as well as money. I told hubby about my idea but had no idea how to action it.

I’m so lucky that John is a bit of a techy and knew what had to be done and how to do it. I don’t think I would have been able to setup the website, social media and newsletter on my own. He’s done an amazing job in getting Mummy Market up and running as well as teaching me social media stuff, WordPress and much more.

I return to work on 29th February 2016 which I’ve mixed feelings about but hope to continue with Mummy Market.

Trying to balance work, blogging and family is going to be tricky. I’m not sure how its all going to work at the moment but if 2016 is anything like last year, I know it’s going to be a great one!!!!

Sam x

Christmas is on its way!!!

It’s December and the countdown to Christmas has begun in the Mummy Market house. Can’t tell you how excited I am this year !!!!!

The tree and bunting (from This Pretty Room) are up, the advent calendar is filled with chocolates and even a couple of presents are wrapped under the tree.IMG_0658

I had a bit of a panic earlier in the week thinking I wasn’t anywhere near organised for Christmas, which I wasn’t, but I’ve managed to start the Christmas bauble rolling and feel just a little better.

It took a little longer to put up the tree than last year because of a certain little helper. Jack wasn’t walking last Christmas and just touched the tree and baubles with a little help but this year we’ve already had to remove a couple from the bottom branches and put the glass decorations at the top of the tree 🙂

I love some of the decorations I’ve bought over the years but this felt tree that my sister bought from Ikea is one of my new favourites. You slide the two parts together, which Jack helped with, and it’s Jack proof, yay!


We caught the train to a very Windsor yesterday to see Father Christmas. Jack had his morning nap later than normal so we missed the parade but saw the reindeer and the lovely street decorations and tree by the castle.


I’m off to start writing my cards!!

Jack turns 2 !!


Jack turned two on Thursday. I can’t believe it, time has just flown by so quickly, in a blink of an eye.

My little baby has grown so much, chatting away, asking for mummy cuddles. I love this time so much but have to say I do miss the little bundle I brought home from the hospital two years ago…. just occasionally anyway.

On Thursday, Jack was so poorly we couldn’t do anything for his birthday. He’d been poorly since the weekend with a stinking cold, sleeping with me and bumping John to the spare room.

The most exciting thing happened though. I made a card for CBeebies and it was shown on television!!! Have to say I did scream and jump up and down briefly with a baffled Jack looking at me. Oh how times have changed 🙂

image3 (2)

We had a little tea party instead on the Saturday afternoon with family and close friends. All Jack wanted to do was play cars !!!! He loves his Hot Wheels cars and ramp along with his wooden garage and will play happily on his own but prefers someone to line the cars up.

Friends brought round the Hungry Hippos game. Bit of a blast from the past, I still have mine somewhere in the loft. Jack turned out to be very good at this game, with not much help either.

He still loves Bing so I bought some cake toppers off Ebay. It looks a bit DIY but Jack loved it which the most important thing.


My friend Nicky at This Pretty Room sent Jack a special Bing bunting for his birthday as a present. I’m going to remove the numbers and hang in his bedroom 🙂

image2 (7)

Jack is finally on the mend and we’ve had a lovely few birthday days with my Mum, Dad, Sister and friends. I just hope that Jack’s third birthday doesn’t come around so quickly!!

Apologies that Mummy’s Weekend Lie-In is slightly late this week, as you can imagine, it’s been slightly hectic in the Jack household! x

This Pretty Room – personalised bunting for every occasion

this pretty room

My friends Nicky and Olivia launched their bunting website this week, This Pretty Room. This mother and daughter team came up with the idea after Nicky was searching for personalised bunting for her wedding.

They are designing and creating personalised bunting that can be used as a greeting card or just to hang up beautifully on your wall or for that garden party. They have created a Bing design for Jack’s birthday as he’s a big fan. I’ll be hanging up in his bedroom after the big day 🙂

The pictures below speak for themselves, fab designs using top quality materials.

Exclusive to Mummy Market readers, This Pretty Room are offering 15% off all products throughout November using the code MMNOV15.

Our wedding anniversary greetings bunting had a Paris theme and a lovely message on the back.




I received this when Mummy Market launched, all the MM details in MM’s colours 🙂



And what about this dinosaur design, great to hang in the bedroom of a dinosaur fan or send instead of a birthday card !

We’ve been lucky enough to have been receiving bunting greetings on special occasions and friends have loved the greetings bunting I’ve sent them.

I can’t recommend them highly enough. Why not take a look at their Christmas designs, great to send to granny and grandad instead of a card!!!

Weekend in Paris – husbands do listen occasionally!!

Our 5th wedding anniversary was arriving. It started with 7 clues??!!

FullSizeRender (6)

I had a different clue every day leading up to the Thursday. Clue 5 said ‘Hilton’ as in Paris Hilton. Clue 7 said ‘Windmill’. John was slightly disappointed that I didn’t guess the destination!!

My parents arrived on the Thursday lunchtime and the anniversary bunting was up (a lovely present from friends*).

I thought my surprise was going to be one night away in London but it turned out to be 3 nights away in Paris 🙂 Well, my face was a picture (and recorded on a phone!).

Off we flew the next morning into Charles de Gualle, got met by a driver and arrived at our hotel just around the corner from the Sacre Coeur, the Montmatre Mon Amour. A little boutique hotel in a great location for our weekend.

image1 (7)

We took a look at the Sacre Coeur which is a magnificent site, sat on top of a hill. Be prepared for lots of steps when visiting! It looks equally amazing at night. We then wandered around the streets and a little artist market then sat outside a little cafe looking up to the church.

Dinner that night was a cruise on the Seine. We embarked right by the Eiffel Tower which looked splendid all lit up.  Dinner was amazing, right at the front of the boat, viewing all the sites along the way.  A couple got engaged, luckily she said yes.  I was also presented with a ring, an amazingly beautiful diamond eternity ring – another big surprise from John.

image2 (3)

When we got off the boat at 11am the Eiffel Tower started glittering (it does this every hour), it looked so pretty. John then whisked me off to a little jazz club which was in the basement of a tiny place but where the locals hang out and jive.  Apart from being elbowed in the mouth (no teeth lost) we really enjoyed watching people dance and having a go ourselves.

Shopping and lunch on Saturday was at Galeries Lafayette. I bought a couple of souvenirs and an Eiffel Tower christmas decoration (had to be done). They had an amazing christmas tree hanging from the huge glass dome which was gorgeous. I loved walking round the shoe department – which took up a whole floor – shopping heaven !!

image3 (1)

I’ve always wanted to go to the Moulin Rouge but never thought I would get the chance. John had booked the best seats in the house for the fantastic meal and show. I never thought I would see boobs, snakes and miniature ponies in one show!

image1 (6)

After a lie-in on Sunday, we went to the Marche aux Puce Saint-Ouen. This market is 14 markets spread over seven acres with lots of alley ways and arcades, its a maze. John bought me a lovely perfume bottle for my dressing table and dish for our living room. We spent about 4 hours there including lunch (which again was gorgeous) but could have stayed longer. I think we only saw a fraction of it.

That night was a relaxed night in a local little pizzeria, Babalou, just round the corner which John found on Trip Advisor. He booked a table online, good job too as we wouldn’t have eaten there. It was tiny, just like someone’s front room but popular. Pizza’s were scrummy and the dessert was lovely, Limoncello poured over the top of lemon sorbet – the first mouthful nearly blew my head off !!

Monday arrived too quickly and it was time to go home. Fog at Charles de Gualle and Heathrow delayed is by 2 1/2 hours but it could have been alot worse, the next flight was cancelled. Thank god as I was missing my little man so much. BA handled the situation really well and I got to sit in the captains chair!

I had such a romantic, luxurious, amazing weekend. John planned everything to perfection – all my friends and family knew – I may never trust any of them again 🙂

I of course was worried about leaving Jack. If I had known about the weekend, I may not have agreed to so much time away. I shouldn’t have worried. He had an amazing time with his grandparents and my sister. He got spoilt rotten and my parents and sis had a fab time with him, even though they went back to Devon shattered.

I’m a very lucky lady. We did all the things that I’ve mentioned to John I would like to do if we ever went back to Paris – see, husbands do listen, occasionally 🙂

* My friend Nicky will be launching her personalised bunting website next week so watch this space!!