It’s not just cricket!!

My husband John is a huge cricket fan and since we got engaged 7 years ago, he has been trying to teach me the finer rules of the game. When Mumsnet  were looking for bloggers that have an interest in cricket I jumped at the chance. Mumsnet were asked by The England & Wales Cricket Board... Continue Reading →

Review: PUKACA paper toys

I was asked to pick a couple of my favourite PUKACA paper toys to review, sold at Loubilou. I chose the Jungle Animals Finger Puppets (£4) and the Alphabet Paper Blocks (£5) as I thought these were more age appropriate for Jack (now 2 1/2 yrs old). We were sent ours in the post as... Continue Reading →

Review: Carddies Farm Craft Kit

I was asked by Loubilou to review a craft set they sell online. Carddies are fun sets of Card People who live in a box. You colour them in, give them names and make up stories. There is a collection of 12 sets: Carddies London, Sports, School, Fairies, Cavemen, Football, Ballet, Knights, Family One and Two,... Continue Reading →

Review: Japanese Pull-Up Nappies

I was asked to review Japanese Nappies. They have been selling these nappies in Europe for a while but recently included the UK and were sent to me via Amazon. I asked for the pull-ups for boys, Moony Boy. Jack has been wearing the Pampers baby-dry pull-ups for a while as he is a bit... Continue Reading →

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