Wet weather fun and 25% discount !!

Posted by Sam Want on

We've been busy working on the shop this week, trying to improve the navigation and look of the website.  It's should now much easier to search along with great pictures of the products. Hope you like.

The sun finally made an appearance this week but with all this wet weather it's been difficult to keep little ones amused. Pretend play is vital for children and these great little sets are great to start off with. Both these sets were a hit with Jack and at the Christmas fairs. Jack likes the fruit and veg set as they can be cut in half and popped back together with velcro. The colours are also lovely and bright which will catch little ones eyes.

These are just £14.99 and you can save 25% off these prices until the end of March 2020 with the code MARCH25.

This tin tea set in a case is so cute. With smiley faces on everything it comes with a little tray and as it's tin it won't get broken!! It's great value at £13.99.