Welcome to my new shop

Posted by Sam Want on

Hi everyone

My name is Sam and I've been blogging as Mummy Market since my son Jack was born. I started Mummy Market as a way of informing Mum and Dads of the latest baby events and best prices on baby stuff, helping them save money on all things baby.

I've always wanted my own shop since I was little when I used to play with my till. As Jack has got older, my idea for Mummy Market has evolved and I've finally decided to give my dream a go.

The theme of Mummy Market is still for babies and kids but I'm now selling items that I love and would have bought for Jack or his friends. I've started off with a small range but hope to expand over the coming months.

Jack is now five but has spotted a couple of things to play with so we might be road testing and sharing this with you.

I hope you like what I like and would love you to share with all your friends and family.

Please let me know what you think and share any ideas of things you would like to see for sale on Mummy Market.

Sam x