Half term ends and I look at storage

Posted by Sam Want on

Half term has come to end, I think both Jack and I are ready for him to go back to school :)

My parents had Jack for a day, then it was holiday club then the whole family went up to Leicester way for the weekend to visit my husband's family. John likes to keep in touch with them regularly and we try to visit every few months. It was fun but a wet and windy one.  Anyone else fed up with this rain? We are very lucky not to have any flooding issues and really feel for all those families affected. Keeping my fingers crossed for some dry sunny weather soon.

Over the holiday I've been looking at storage and I still love the baskets we have in stock along with the straw shopper. Obviously they would look great in a nursery but I think this pom pom basket looks great with my plant in it. I've also put my wool in the Woodland Fox basket and think it looks great with the bright coloured wool in it along with being really practical.


The happy straw shopper also has multiple uses. As well as being a large eco-friendly shopping bag I'm thinking of using one to store my crochet projects or to hang on my wardrobe for my scarves (of which I have many).

 I'll be popping the pom pom basket onto the website this week so keep an eye out.

Have a good week.

Sam x