Best Formula Prices

See my note underneath the brand logos about formula pricing.

Aptamil Logo

ASDA are cheaper than the rest – they also have 2 for £18 deals on stage 3/4.

Cow And Gate Logo

First and follow-on milk is £9 in everywhere. Growing up milk 3 & 4 is 2 for £15 in ASDA.

SMA Logo

SMA PRO first milk is £10 everywhere. Follow-on milk is £9.97 in Morrisons.  Toddler milk is £9.30 in ASDA.

Hipp Organic Logo

HiPP Organic stage 1 and 2 are £8.22 in Morrisons. Stage 3 is £4.84 in Boots.

Note About Prices

Deals on formula are not that straightforward. Brands are not permitted to discount or put offers on formula until you get to ‘Follow On’ or ‘Growing Up’ stages. Stage 1 products will not count towards a shopping total if you are using a ‘money off’ voucher, nor will you earn loyalty card points. Some retailers block all formula products from voucher deals.

I’ll try and show what the best prices and deals are,
but Stage 1 pricing will be fairly standard across all retailers.

Page last updated on 28.03.17

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