toucanBox review with discount code

I was asked to review toucanBox, a personalised craft activities kit that gets delivered through your letterbox.

A box was posted through the letter box and Jack was very excited to see his name on it. When opened there was a note to Jack introducing him to the crafting activity, a dinosaur tail, plus instructions.






Inspired by Montessori learning, the packs are for ages 3-8 and meant to be educational as well as fun, encouraging play and developing key skills.

Following the instructions and with the help of his older brother (cutting triangles out of foam sheet), Jack stuck the foam shapes onto the cloth tail. The tail just tied around the waist, so quite easy and off he went playing dinosaurs.


In this set you get double sided sticky pads to stick the triangles on – they’ve not lasted well after one round of stomping so will need to be glued on. The sticky foam shapes have lasted longer but again, glue might be needed.

The pack also came with a small dinosaur activity book, a leaflet on what the child will be learning and a dino mask to make.


Now I know you can buy lots of cheap crafting bits at the supermarkets or pound shops but I do find it hard to think up a theme/activity.  That’s why I think this is a good idea. You do need to subscribe but you can cancel at anytime and you can also change your box type easily online.

* Discount Code *

I’ve been given a discount code that gets you your first Petite box free.  Just click ‘Got a code? Enter it here’ as shown in picture below and type in mummymarket when prompted.

image1 (1) - Edited


There are 3 different size packs to subscribe to:

  1. Petite – £5.95/box incl. delivery. This has one project and you receive fortnightly
  2. Grande – £12.90/box incl. delivery. This has two projects and you receive monthly
  3. Super – £19.90/box incl. delivery. This has four projects and you receive monthly




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