Family trip to Cairo

We have had friends living in Cairo for the last couple of years and before they came home this year we decided to take up their invitation to visit.

I’ve always wanted to see the pyramids, it was definitely on my list of things to do before I pop my cloggs – and I wasn’t disappointed.

We only spent 4 nights there but made the most of our time fitting in lots with the help of our friends.

On our first day we went to the Khan el-Khalili. The bazaar is streets and alley ways of anything you could want. We bought a lovely lamp, beads, a lovely leather notebook that you could have your name stamped on and more.


The second day we went horse riding by the pyramids. I highly recommend seeing these amazing sites for the first time on horse back. We then went and did the touristy viewing up close the next day.  They are bigger than you expect up close – they really are !!!!

I touched a pyramid !!!!!

On our last morning before we returned home we went to the museum. There are too many things to see in a morning or even a day so we went straight to see the Tutankhamun death mask and lovely things that he was buried with. We then made our way back through the museum looking at all the the amazing treasures that have been found over the years.

We all had an amazing time. Jack was really well behaved and it was great staying with friends and not in a hotel. The weather was also just right, warm enough for t-shirts.

Seeing the pyramids in person was just out of this world. The only spoiler is the rubbish. Its everywhere and is disappointing to see. Also if you visit, flip flops are not recommended – the sand and dust gets everywhere !!!!




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