Find the cheapest nappies and baby wipes this week!

We are now in the routine of Jack going to pre-school and me working two of those days. I then get to take him to nursery on Wednesday and spend the rest of week with him 🙂

I’m loving my new job and the hours. It means I have a great balance – working on my blog, spending time with Jack, housework and some me time at work!

There seem to be a few mid-season sales happening at the moment and it looks like there is more to come with half-term looming so keep an eye on my Facebook posts.

I’m off to unpack my jumpers. Enjoy your weekend.

S x


I’ve updated the prices for nappies, wipes and formulaASDA still have the best Pampers nappy price in the supermarkets this week with the giga pack for just £10.

* Events *

On Thursday 13th October, Lidl have a Comfy & Casual offer – hoodies and joggers for Mum, Dad, the kids and babies.


* Mummy’s Deal of the Week *

Tesco have a great sale on toys at the moment in your local store and online. Jack loves Peppa Pig at the moment and this is a fab price for the set of three, exclusive to Tesco. It’s now half price at £20!!




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