Where will you find the cheapest nappies & wipes?

It’s been a funny old week. I’ve been off sick with a horrible stomach bug which has meant I’ve lost over 4lb. Now I’m managing to eat small amounts, I must eat healthy, I must eat healthy! Said as I crave chocolate and a chinese takeaway 🙂

My parents completed on their house and have moved in with us and we exchanged today, woo hoo !!!!

I need to dig my wellies out – can you believe this rain? I love a good thunderstorm but I am so sick of getting wet.

Enjoy your week.

Sam x


Tesco still have the best deal on Pampers this week with their 2 for £10 offer on large packs which continues until 5th July. Check out the best deals on nappies, wipes and formula this week.

* Events *

On Thursday 30th June Lidl are running Travel Smart and Beach Fun events.

On sale will be character booster seats and car sun shades, kids paddling pools and water games along with a beach parasol and hammock.

* Mummy’s Deal of the Week *

I love this Happyland Forest Fairy Tree House in ELC, now half price at £24.99.

happyland fairy treehouse

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