Review: PUKACA paper toys

I was asked to pick a couple of my favourite PUKACA paper toys to review, sold at Loubilou.

I chose the Jungle Animals Finger Puppets (£4) and the Alphabet Paper Blocks (£5) as I thought these were more age appropriate for Jack (now 2 1/2 yrs old).

We were sent ours in the post as they were samples to review.  When you order and payment is confirmed you will be sent a link to print yours at home. It gives you a guide on what paper to use, etc. You will definitely need a thicker paper or card that will go through your printer to make these stable enough to play with.

The first think I noticed were the bright, engaging colours – they definitely caught Jack’s eye.

Cutting out the finger puppets was a bit tricky. I cut out the monkey first and made the error of cutting the bit off that wraps around your finger !!! I got a little carried away but I just cut a strip of card and stuck the monkey to that. Sticking was easy and I used pegs to hold together while it was drying.

Cutting the blocks out was easier but sticking together a little more tricky – I left that to Jack’s Daddy 🙂

Cutting and sticking would be OK for an older child to do but I recommend a parent gives a hand as some cutting/sticking can get tricky.

Jack loved the finger puppets and went into his house in the garden to play with. Jack loves stacking blocks and these were no exception – he was a very impatient little boy as Mummy wasn’t making them quick enough!

image2 (9)

I think these are a great little idea. Great for story telling with bright colours. They are a good price, especially as you have to factor in printing on your own colour printer.

* Discount Code *

If you are interested in ordering these or any other product on Loubilou, receive 10% discount with the code ‘mummymarket‘ at the checkout.

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