Best deals on nappies and wipes plus Boots baby event!

It’s another busy week for baby events with Boots starting their event today. Find out who is running an event and check out the latest sales on my Retailer Page.

Can you believe the snow yesterday?? It didn’t settle but was still odd to see. I nearly bought some sun lotion in Aldi at the weekend but it just didn’t feel right in this cold weather. Fingers crossed the sun appears soon.

Enjoy your week.

Sam x


I’ve updated the nappy, wipe and formula prices. Morrisons have a great deal on Huggies 10 pack of wipes for just £5 *edited – now £6 but still a good deal*.

* Events *

Boots start their event today. They are becoming more competitive with their weekly deals so expect some bargains!

* Mummy’s Deal of the Week *

Lidl are currently selling this cute children’s camping chair for £4.99.

kids camping chair lidl

From Thursday 28th April, they will be selling these light-up clogs for the kids for just £3.99.

kids light-up clogs lidl


One thought on “Best deals on nappies and wipes plus Boots baby event!

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  1. Thanks, Sam, your information was quite helpful! This deal on Huggies,, I am not going to let this deal go-by.. The expenses you have bear for your little one’s diapers is just too absurd! So, I am gonna grab this offer.. All thanks to you!


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