Review: Japanese Pull-Up Nappies

I was asked to review Japanese Nappies. They have been selling these nappies in Europe for a while but recently included the UK and were sent to me via Amazon.

I asked for the pull-ups for boys, Moony Boy. Jack has been wearing the Pampers baby-dry pull-ups for a while as he is a bit of a wriggler when it comes to changing his bum!

The packet had 38 nappies in the pack. Jack is a size 5 – the Pampers size 5 essential pack has 36 nappies in it and the large has 44.

This pack size retails at £22.50 on Amazon with free delivery. The Pampers essential pack, without any promotions is around £8 and the large pack around £9.50.

The pack is brightly coloured and was easy to open and remove the nappies (easier than Pampers).


The nappy was a snug fit on Jack, which I liked with nice wide stretchy sides. If buying, check the size as some of the reviews say that they found them a little small. They look bigger in this photo but the Pampers do open out more when you put them on.

25843323311_47f2300341_o - Edited


They also have a stretchy bit across the back on the inside, I presume to stop the rise of those mega poo’s out of the top of the nappy – a good idea and it seemed to work!


They also have the same blue tab on the back of the nappy as Pampers that helps you roll up and seal the nappy before putting in the bin or nappy sack.


I have to say, I really liked these nappies.

The absorbency was great and I don’t think I needed to change a wet nappy quite so much as I do the Pampers. They fitted Jack really well and I didn’t have any leaks or problems like nappy rash.

If I had to choose between Pampers and these, I think I would choose these nappies. My only issue is with the price.  At more than double the price of Pampers at the supermarket, I will continue to buy Pampers. If the Japanese nappies prices were reduced in line with UK branded nappies then I would certainly consider purchasing them.

I was sent these nappies to review but all views are my own.

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