Review: Mister Maker Live

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Jack loves Mister Maker and watching him make things. He walks along our coffee table picking up magazines, envelopes or a newspaper saying “paper, card, glue” and that “scissors are sharp!!”. We often get the glue and craft bits out to make something, so far we’ve made a pom pom Christmas tree and egg box spiders and caterpillars.

Mister Maker’s new Arty Party programme is quite full on and Jack’s not been too sure about it, but as always, loves it when the shapes come on.

My husband John had half term off so we decided to book tickets to see Mister Maker at The Hawth Theatre in Crawley.

Jack was full of a cold and I was a bit worried he would find it too loud but needn’t have worried. The theatre is modern with just the right amount of seats, not too big. They had the sound just right – there were families with very small babies and children up to about 10 years old.

Mister Maker had four helpers to get everyone singing and dancing. There was also audience participation with three parents/grandparents making animal noises and winning prizes and a couple of activities where a child with their Mum got to get up on stage and make something.

Most of the children had been given an A4 sheet of coloured paper – if you miss your’s before you find your seat, try to get the attention of one of the helpers as they were handing out spares before the show started. Half way through the first half, the children have to make a ball with the paper and pass it down to the end of the line. Jack was at the end and put the balls of paper into a big tub which were then collected and made into shapes later in the show.


The second half is shorter and dominated by the shapes, dancing on stage. All the shapes were very quiet except the rectangle, who apparently loves Eastenders!!!

The audience are involved in the whole show. We were always clapping or dancing and making shapes which Jack loved.

I thought Jack might be too young for this kind of thing but he wasn’t. It was great for children of all ages and I think the parents and grandparents had a great time too. We really enjoyed it and I loved seeing Jack’s face light up when the shapes came on stage.

You can buy merchandise in the foyer – we bought Jack a triangle keyring. This was £7 though, a bit on the pricey side but there are badges, bags and magazines on sale.

We would highly recommend trying to get tickets to see the show if you can and I’ll be checking out the next CBeebies show that goes on tour.


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