Review: Fisher-Price Swimming Bing Bunny


Jack LOVES Bing Bunny.

He will happily watch Bing while I have a shower in the morning – yes I get 5 minutes to myself, without a little person pulling the curtain back or telling me to get out and play cars!!!

He has the small soft toys and lots of books and sticker books. I saw this Swimming Bing on offer in Argos and bought it. Not that Jack needs any more bath toys but I couldn’t resist. Yes I am weak 🙂


The toy is Bing in his swimmers with a ball. It’s about 18cm long so quite a good size for a bath toy. The ball is joined to Bing with a string and you pull the ball away from Bing. The bunny then swims towards the ball and along in the bath, his little legs paddling away.



He does seem to fall onto his side a bit at first but sorts himself out when he gets closer to the ball.

Jack loves Bing swimming in the bath with him and is currently the toy of choice every bathtime.

Looking online, Argos seems to be the cheapest at the moment, reduced by 20% to £11.99. John Lewis of course price match this.


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