Who is selling the cheapest nappies and wipes in the baby events?

Jack and I have colds, there is a squirrel running riot in our loft at night and it’s bloody freezing. On the upside, Jack loved the smattering of snow we had at the weekend and Daddy has bought him a Hot Wheels raceway that he’s gone crazy about 🙂


* Events *

It’s all about baby events this week at Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Boots. Aldi start their event on 28th January! ASDA and Tesco come out tops for accessories and nappies but do check out the rest if you are looking for something particular.


All the nappies, wipes and formula prices have been updated. Make sure you check my prices before you make any purchases as there are so many deals around, you may want to make a special trip to a certain store.

* Mummy’s Deal of the Week *

One of the best deals I’ve seen in all the baby events is the Tommee Tippee Digital Ear Thermometer in ASDA for just £18. We have found this very useful on a number of occasions, an essential for your baby box.

tt digital ear thermometer

Take a look at my blog Tesco vs ASDA vs Morrisons on who came out best on the essentials and some key baby items.

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