Review: Warburtons Cat Sandwich Thins

We are a big fan of Warburtons Thins in our house. They are easy for Jack to eat (he pulls a sandwich apart if its too thick) and they stay fresh for longer than a sliced loaf.

Jack’s a bit of a jam sandwich boy at the moment despite my efforts to expand his culinery repertoire and I’ve been looking to make lunch a bit more fun. I spotted these cat shaped sandwich thins in our local store as we had run out of bread.


Jack loved eating a cat sandwich – lots of meows and showing mummy his sandwich 🙂 He didn’t want to eat the ears though ….. who knows!!!!

I decorated it the second time adding carroty eyes, nose and whiskers which Jack loved. He may have only licked the carroty whiskers and then said ‘don’t like’ but its a start !!

I already love the square thins – they are easy for packed lunches when going to work or to the park. I have also been known to sneak some butter on one for a quick snack.


Next step, different sandwich fillings. I wonder if gooey cheese, tuna or ham will taste better looking like a cat 🙂


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