My first year as a blogger

It’s  January 2016. My first year as a blogger is over and what an amazing ‘journey’ it’s been so far.

I started Mummy Market to help parents save a few pennies when buying the baby essentials but it’s also helped me with my baby blues and confidence.

I waited a long time for Jack and he is the greatest joy in my life and to sound a bit slushy, I never knew my heart could overflow with love in quite the way it did when he was born. Being a Mum was all I ever wanted but after a few months I knew I needed something else to put my mind to as well as looking after Jack. When I recognised this, the guilt I felt was overwhelming but I knew it would do me good. And it has been.

Nappies and wipes are both expensive items and I used to spend time trying to find the cheapest deals. I thought I could do all the leg work and publish the best prices to save you time as well as money. I told hubby about my idea but had no idea how to action it.

I’m so lucky that John is a bit of a techy and knew what had to be done and how to do it. I don’t think I would have been able to setup the website, social media and newsletter on my own. He’s done an amazing job in getting Mummy Market up and running as well as teaching me social media stuff, WordPress and much more.

I return to work on 29th February 2016 which I’ve mixed feelings about but hope to continue with Mummy Market.

Trying to balance work, blogging and family is going to be tricky. I’m not sure how its all going to work at the moment but if 2016 is anything like last year, I know it’s going to be a great one!!!!

Sam x

3 thoughts on “My first year as a blogger

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    1. Will do. I did try it back in October ’14 and then took a career break as felt it was too soon to leave Jack. Feel much more prepared this time but still dreading leaving Jack x


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