Find out where to buy the cheapest nappies, wipes and formula this week!!

Christmas is only next week – aaaaaahhhhhh! We are organised at home but I do feel that its come round rather too quickly for my liking. I must stop breaking into the Christmas chocolate matchmakers – I’ve already eaten three boxes!!!!

We went to playgroup last week and met Father Christmas. Jack cried but he did enjoy making a Christmas decoration, crown and decorating a cookie. I’m still finding the glitter though 🙂


I’ve updated all the prices on nappies, wipes and formula. Looks like nothing much is changing until after Christmas. Tesco is still the best price for Pampers nappies and ASDA the best price for Huggies and Pampers wipes.

* Mummy’s Deal of the Week *

ASDA are selling the Johnson’s Baby Skincare Essentials box for just £12, saving £8.

johnsons baby skincare essentials box

* Events *

Sainsbury’s have started their clothing sale which includes lots of Christmas themed bits. Lidl have a Happy Kids day on Thursday 17th December with lots of great character buys. There are also lots of sales/deals out there so check my which is updated daily,

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