Christmas is on its way!!!

It’s December and the countdown to Christmas has begun in the Mummy Market house. Can’t tell you how excited I am this year !!!!!

The tree and bunting (from This Pretty Room) are up, the advent calendar is filled with chocolates and even a couple of presents are wrapped under the tree.IMG_0658

I had a bit of a panic earlier in the week thinking I wasn’t anywhere near organised for Christmas, which I wasn’t, but I’ve managed to start the Christmas bauble rolling and feel just a little better.

It took a little longer to put up the tree than last year because of a certain little helper. Jack wasn’t walking last Christmas and just touched the tree and baubles with a little help but this year we’ve already had to remove a couple from the bottom branches and put the glass decorations at the top of the tree 🙂

I love some of the decorations I’ve bought over the years but this felt tree that my sister bought from Ikea is one of my new favourites. You slide the two parts together, which Jack helped with, and it’s Jack proof, yay!


We caught the train to a very Windsor yesterday to see Father Christmas. Jack had his morning nap later than normal so we missed the parade but saw the reindeer and the lovely street decorations and tree by the castle.


I’m off to start writing my cards!!

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