Best deals on nappies, wipes and formula this week!

We’ve had a busy week with my parents and sister staying to celebrate Jack’s second birthday. Jack had a stinking cold and was quite poorly so we left the celebrations until Saturday and had a little tea party which he loved.

I finally dug out my jumpers after it turned really cold on Saturday, we even had a flurry of snow at 7.30am. I’m not good with the snow but have to say I hope we have a little bit so I can take Jack out 🙂

I’m also thinking of putting the christmas decorations up. Is it too early???

Not many changes in nappywipe and formula prices this week, probably because of all the Black Friday deals happening.  Do check out prices though before you buy.

* Mummy Deal of the Week *

Black Friday is dominating the headlines and my Christmas shopping list. The best deal for me this week is up to 60% off everything at Early Learning Centre!!!

* Events *

I will be constantly updating my Black Friday post with deals so keep checking back.

Aldi have some great toys included in their specialbuy on Thursday – balance bikes for £39.99 and bikes for older girls and boys at £79.99 are included.

Lidl also have a fun and games event that started yesterday and includes Star Wars toys.

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