Jack turns 2 !!


Jack turned two on Thursday. I can’t believe it, time has just flown by so quickly, in a blink of an eye.

My little baby has grown so much, chatting away, asking for mummy cuddles. I love this time so much but have to say I do miss the little bundle I brought home from the hospital two years ago…. just occasionally anyway.

On Thursday, Jack was so poorly we couldn’t do anything for his birthday. He’d been poorly since the weekend with a stinking cold, sleeping with me and bumping John to the spare room.

The most exciting thing happened though. I made a card for CBeebies and it was shown on television!!! Have to say I did scream and jump up and down briefly with a baffled Jack looking at me. Oh how times have changed 🙂

image3 (2)

We had a little tea party instead on the Saturday afternoon with family and close friends. All Jack wanted to do was play cars !!!! He loves his Hot Wheels cars and ramp along with his wooden garage and will play happily on his own but prefers someone to line the cars up.

Friends brought round the Hungry Hippos game. Bit of a blast from the past, I still have mine somewhere in the loft. Jack turned out to be very good at this game, with not much help either.

He still loves Bing so I bought some cake toppers off Ebay. It looks a bit DIY but Jack loved it which the most important thing.


My friend Nicky at This Pretty Room sent Jack a special Bing bunting for his birthday as a present. I’m going to remove the numbers and hang in his bedroom 🙂

image2 (7)

Jack is finally on the mend and we’ve had a lovely few birthday days with my Mum, Dad, Sister and friends. I just hope that Jack’s third birthday doesn’t come around so quickly!!

Apologies that Mummy’s Weekend Lie-In is slightly late this week, as you can imagine, it’s been slightly hectic in the Jack household! x

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