Sleep zzzzzzzz – Is the Gro-Clock helping?

I know that there have been many blogs about the Gro-Clock and yes, this is another one of those posts.


My weekend lie-in blog is all about what is happening in the Mummy Market house and getting Jack to sleep later in the morning has been the main project this week following Jack’s croup last weekend.

Croup is not particularly nice. It affects the windpipe, airways and voice box. The cough sounds like a bark and Jack was making alot of noise breathing in and out. Steroids sorted this out very quickly from the doctors. His voice was very hoarse for a couple of days, he sounded like he’d smoked 50 cigarettes a day for 50 years. By Tuesday though he was perking up and demanding cake!!!

On Wednesday night we decided to give the Gro-Clock a go. My husband John read the instructions (yes, you heard right….. he actually ready the instructions) and setup the clock. Setup is quite simple, you basically set the time and then the ‘wake up’ time when the yellow sun will appear. Every night, you confirm the wake-up time as part of their bedtime routine and the stars appear on the clock, signalling bedtime. It also has an option for daytime sleeps too, but we’re not using that at the moment.

For when Jack gets a bit older, the stars around the face of the clock disappear one at a time on the hour, counting down to the morning. You also get a little storybook to go with it.

We set the time for 6.30am and it bloody well worked!!!! I was amazed. I thought we would have some issues as Jack doesn’t normally have any light in his room.

The next night we set it at 6.45am and yes, it worked again.

Friday night went OK. Jack woke at 3.50am and took 20 minutes to go back off but I think the clock helped as John explained that breakfast time was when the sun appeared. He went off and slept through to 8am – shame I had to get up at 7.20 😦

Last night, did it work? Jack did wake up twice in the night which needed one of us to go in. Getting him back off was much easier though. I asked Jack what the blue stars meant and he laid back down cuddling his monkey – much easier than normal.

It’s really only the first few days, but I think it’s working quite well. I think he is now understanding the concept of day and night and we get to snooze until 6.45am!! The only thing I would mention is that on the lowest light setting, the clock does light up the room. Jack has never had a night light and I think he is still getting used to it when he wakes up in the night.

The Gro-Clock is reduced to £19.99 everywhere at the moment but why not use your extra points vouchers we’ve all been given at Boots on top of the extra points you get being a member of their parenting club.

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