Health & Safety Mum In The Playground

I love taking Jack to the park. The excitement in his eyes and voice, running from the slide to the swings to the climbing frame with pure delight, it just makes my heart melt.

The trouble is, I’m constantly worrying Jack is going to fall, hit his head, fall between the steps! My husband John affectionately calls me health and safety Sam and has threatened to buy me a high viz jacket!!

image1 (3)

I’ve tried to take a Mummy step back (slightly smaller than a Daddy step) to let Jack do things on his own and be independent. It’s so very hard.

Jack has the attention span of a goldfish. Climbing the steps of the slide, he suddenly see’s something much more interesting – a fly, a leaf – he stands up at the top and lets go to point and shout – my heart misses several beats – the urge to say JACK SIT DOWN in a high pitched voice that can only be heard by dogs increases rapidly!!!


Instead, I’m learning to ask Jack calmly to sit down while edging just slightly closer, just in case. And Jack is fine, absolutely fine. His confidence is growing and he seems to have a sense of when it doesn’t feel safe, thank god!


I’ve now started to enjoy our time together at the park and toddler groups much more, appreciating this little person that I created (with a little help from Hubby). Still room for improvement at home, our nearly 2 yr old little boy just wants to climb everything!!!!!

image2 (2)

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