mummy’s weekend lie-in

Mummy Market is all about me trying to save you money, whether it’s informing you of the best deal on nappies or the latest baby event or sale.

I’m really enjoying writing my blog but was looking for something more personal to write about. Just once a week.

I hope you enjoy Mummy’s Weekend Lie-in. As always, feedback is more than welcome.


Healthy and fun lunchbox

Jack is only 22 months but I’m already struggling to think of new and fun things for him to eat and I can imagine things are even more difficult when they start school with a lunch box.

I asked my friend Katie who’s a food blogger for some ideas. I wanted something quick and easy to make that was healthy for Jack. She came up with the Jumble Frittata which ticked all the boxes and it’s also great for freezing!!!!

jumble frittata

I had a go too. I found it really easy to make. I didn’t have heart tins so used my muffin tray. As Katie said, you can chuck in whatever you like but be careful on the amount, limit additions to one cup or 125-150g.

FullSizeRender (5)

I added cheese, onion from the garden, frozen carrots and peas with a slice of plum tomato on top. I planned to add a pepper but it was looking rather furry !

And success – my two step sons, Jack and Hubby all loved it !!!

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