Events Special – Aldi and Lidl

Both Aldi and Lidl have some great bargains coming up.


minions lidl

From Monday 22nd June, Lidl have a Minions special. Included are:

  • Single, reversible bed set, £9.99
  • Kids pink and blue pyjamas, £3.99
  • Book assortment, £1.99
  • Pink and blue t-shirts, £2.99
  • Sweets, 99p or 2 for £1.60

They are also running an outdoor life event at the same time and this fab sun sail is only £19.99. Great for the garden or camping holiday.

lidl sun sail

From Thursday 25th June, they start an outdoor fun event.

pop-up beach shelter lidl

Included are:

  • Great pop-up beach shelter, £14.99
  • Kids character glasses, £2.49
  • Kids character beach sandals, £1.99
  • Water hammock, £7.99
  • Parasol, £6.99
  • Kids character beach ball, £1.99
  • Kids character beach set, £2.99
  • Two-person, blow-up kayak, £39.99

character beach set lidl


From Sunday 21st June, Aldi also have an outdoor fun special buy event. Included are:

  • Quick-up pool, £29.99 (with 3 year guarantee)
  • Inflatable kayak, £39.99 (with 3 year guarantee)
  • Children’s and adult’s short and full length wetsuits, from £9.99
  • Adult and children’s water shoes, from £3.49
  • All surface swingball, £14.99
  • Cricket set, £9.99
  • Tennis rackets, £14.99

quick-up pool aldi special buy

From Thursday 25th June, their special buy event is focused on camping but they have children’s clothes and toys, including:

  • Girl’s sandals and pumps, from £4.99
  • Girl’s leggings, capri trousers and playsuits, from £4.99
  • Boy’s t-shirts and chino shorts, from £3.99
  • Children’s trekking sandals, £8.99
  • Picture and colouring books, 99p
  • Quad skates, £7.99
  • Character hoppers, £3.99

hopper aldi special buy

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