This Week’s Cheapest Deals on Nappies, Baby Wipes, Formula and Food

*** Deals of the Week ***

The Heinz, Organix and HiPP fruit pots are still only £1 in ASDA and the 12 pack of branded baby wipes are still the cheapest in ASDA too.

HiPP Organic fruit pot ASDA

Prices for nappies, wipes, formula and food deals pages are now all up-do-date.

Grab the baby wipe deals in ASDA before they run out as they must be getting low on stock before event finishes. Also remember that the Boots deal of the week changes to tomorrow, I’m hoping there will be a good deal on wipes. Check out their new deal here.

It’s been a tough few days with Jack. He suddenly doesn’t want to nap or cries after 30 minutes in his cot. Last night he had tummy ache all night. John went next door while Jack slept with me so I’m writing this through very foggy eyes 😉

Enjoy the up and down weather and have a good week

Sam x

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