Baby Event Review: Tesco vs ASDA

Every retailer holds baby events, some a couple of times a year and others much more regularly. Tesco and ASDA seem to hold baby events with the greatest regularity, with one currently running in both. It can be difficult to see which offers the best deals so I have reviewed both to see who has the lowest price deals or cheapest offers on selected items.

A quick word about about their overall execution of these events. I received a mailshot for both in advance, the Tesco mailer came with coupons however the ASDA prices did look generally lower. In store, Tesco has a better, well planned layout. ASDA was a little messy and you had to hunt for the right products. In my view, ASDA wins with the lowest prices on key everyday baby goods and they are consistently cheaper, even on deal. However I like looking around Tesco because it’s a better layout and more stock is available.

Here are some of the highlights from the current events.

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature video monitor is £90 in ASDA compared to £199 in Tesco.

Booster Seats
The Cozy n Safe booster is £6 in both stores.

Travel Cots
The Red Kite travel cot is cheaper in ASDA at £23 compared to £39.95 in Tesco.

Bed Rail
The Lindam bed rail is £15 in Tesco, £5 cheaper than ASDA.

High Chairs
Hauck Mac baby highchair is £30 in ASDA compared to £44.98 in Tesco.

Car Organiser
The Lindam back seat organiser is £5 in both Tesco and ASDA.

Baby Gates
The Lindam extending metal gate is £15 in both Tesco and ASDA.

Nursery Lights
The Lindam Nursery Safety Sensor Light is the lowest price in Tesco at £5 compared to ASDA for £7.50.

Munchkin bath letters and numbers is a little cheaper in Tesco for £4.50. ASDA are selling for £5.

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