Best Baby Nappy, Wipes & Formula Prices This Week

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. We had glorious weather on Saturday and managed to tidy up the garden. We put up a swing that we bought for Jack last year. He wasn’t too sure about it but loved the dinosaur slide we’ve been given.

Jack in swing

The doctor gave Jack an inhaler to help him clear his cough. It was very distressing at first trying to administer 2 puffs but he’s getting used to the mask. Seems to be working as he is sleeping through again, phew :)!

I’ve now updated the nappies, wipes, baby milk and food deals pages. All the supermarket baby events have finished but there are still some good deals.

Tesco and ASDA are the best places for Pampers on the large and mega packs.  ASDA still have the best deal on wipes with the rollback on 12 pack of Johnson’s Extra Sensitive and Pampers for just £7.97.

On the grapevine I’ve heard that the Next sale starts 21st March. I can’t confirm this is correct but keep an eye out.


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