Baby Events Update & Poundland

Hi everyone

Nearly the weekend!!! I’ve had my parents staying for a few days which has been lovely. Jack has been having a ball and he has Grandad wrapped around his little finger 🙂

Looking at events for next week, for bigger kids Lidl have a kids corner event from Thursday 19th February.  Pyjamas, bedding sets, big cushions and story books are available.

The Sainsbury’s and Boots events continue but Morrisons finishes on Sunday 15th February.

You would have seen my post on wipes when I visited Poundland. I do love a Poundland and if they are successful in buying the 99p stores this should mean even better value for money.  The baby section is great for sponges, bubble bath and shampoo, plastic messy mats to go under high chairs or for messy play and bath toys.  Be careful if buying food or wipes as what appears to be a good deal can often be beaten by the major supermarkets.  Farley’s Rusks and the Heinz microwave meals were in my local store which was a good deal.  I also spotted some great stuff to keep your little one entertained in the garden, I loved this windmill.

Have a fab weekend.


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