Best Baby Nappy, Wipes & Formula Prices This Week

This is the first of my weekly Tuesday blogs about the very best prices for nappies, wipes and formula across all UK retailers. I hope to bring all the deals and all the events, all in one place.

The latest deals and prices are now up-to-date so do take a look on my website.

If you buy two Large Packs of nappies this week, you can get your per-nappy price down to nearly 9p. Tesco are doing these packs at 2 for £15 and this is the best deal this week. Don’t worry about buying two packs and your little one growing out of them. If you keep your receipt, all retailers will let you exchange a complete pack for the size above. For the full breakdown of the best price, check out my nappy pricing page.

ASDA has great deals on 12 packs of wipes on Huggies, Johnson’s and Pampers, only £7.97 on Roll Back. Make sure you check the per-wipe price, Huggies actually put more wipes in their packs (64 compared to Johnson’s and Pampers at 56) so their per-wipe deal is better. Deals are a complete maze but check out my wipe pages and I hope to show you what the best deal is.

Don’t forget to bookmark Mummy Market on your phone. When shopping, it will be quick and easy to check a price. I even used it myself at the weekend on my phone to compare Aldi’s Mamia wipe prices with the leading brands!

Most retailer baby events finish soon: Tesco’s baby and toddler event finishes on Wednesday, with ASDA and Morrison’s finishing on Sunday so make sure you don’t miss out.

You don’t even need to check my site for the best deals. If you sign up for my weekly email, you’ll get all the deals, all the events, all to your inbox.

I’m now at 500 likes for Mummy Market’s Facebook page, after only a week. Wow! Thanks everyone. I’m amazed and very grateful that I can help you all lower the cost of your bundle of joy :).

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