Baby and Toddler Events Update

Well, what a busy couple of days.  Thanks again to everyone for their support in liking and sharing Mummy Market.  Do contact me if you have any feedback on my blog or would like to see anything included in the product ranges.

As you might have seen on Facebook, Jack and I braved the weather to visit our local Aldi yesterday for their Special Buys event. Slightly disappointed with the range on offer but went home with a couple of bargains and a great bath toy for Jack.

I received an email from Sainsbury’s as their Baby’s Big Event has started. This ends 24 February so you have plenty of time to save money. Tu baby clothing is included in the event and there is ⅓ off some of their toys.

Tesco, ASDA and Morrisons all have their baby and toddler events still running but don’t worry,   I’ll be updating my baby events page every week. I’ll also be letting you know where the best price is for nappies, wipes and baby formula on Mummy Market. Sign up for my weekly email and you’ll get all the deals, all the events, all to your inbox!

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